The term prophylaxis includes all preventive measures to avoid diseases of teeth and the periodontium, thus decay and periodontitis.  Nowadays with only little efforts it is possible to get along without fillings and dentures.

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The following measures are included to the dental prophylaxis:

  1. Information on the context how decay and periodontis develops
  2. Dietary consulting
  3. Effect of cleansing solutions, tooth paste
  4. Instructions for the correct dental care (dental care at home)
  5. Professional oral hygiene

The term prophylaxis or prevention may not be reduced to the tartar removal or professional oral hygiene, this measure is just a part of it.

With us a professional oral hygiene includes the removal of hard plaque under or over the gingival level from the teeth, polishing of the tooth surfaces, teeth hardening with fluorides and care instructions.

By a responsible prophylaxis, including the oral hygiene, not only later consequences and related costs may be avoided but also the risk for other conditions and issues such as for the cardiovascular system will be reduced. Therefore we recommend a regular professional oral hygiene.