3D X-ray, Surgical Microscope

You only may treat what you see. With the help of a 25x magnification and illumination of the working area with high-performance Xenon light results may be achieved that can satisfy the requirements for the durability of the teeth. The surgical microscope opens an entirely new dimension of sight. The root will be illuminated at best and the dentist does not miss any detail. Through the integrated HD camera the treatments may be portrayed and meaningful diagnostic images as well as videos may be prepared. The unique OPMI Pro Ergo from Carl Zeiss provides the attending dentist with brilliant images and convices with the longlasting experience and competence of the manufacturer Carl Zeiss.

Networked Practice

Due to the digital networking of all our devices and treatment units x-ray images, 3D recordings, files and images immediately are available at each unit.

Modern dentists’ offices like Mein Zahn nowadays already are entirely digitalised. Thus, not only the dental treatment is digitally performed with the cutting-edge technical equipment – from x-ray over examinations with an intra-oral camera up to the support for the orthodontic and prosthetic planning – but also the administrative tasks. Your advantage: All documents, findings, diagnoses, and performed treatments are available right away. On your request even worldwide.