Miscoloured, twisted, or splinted teeth in the front tooth area are not very attractive. But the good new is that they may be optically corrected very easily if so-called Veneers (ceramic covers) will be fixed. This wafer-thin ceramic shell will be tailored to you in the laboratory.

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While treatment firstly the affected tooth will be grinded at minimum and substance-friendly. Following to that the wafer-thin ceramic shells will be durably fixed to the enamel. The advantage against crowns are that less dental substance must be sacrificed since the tooth only must be ground to a minimum. Also light malposition may be levelled by Veneers. Thus, within shortest time you will achieve a visible perfect outcome.

Veeners and their main areas of application:

  • Broken teeth
  • Ugly fillings
  • Miscoulered teeth
  • Small gaps between the front teeth
  • Teeth with different size