Gum inflammation (gingivitis) as a rule are responses to bacterial dental plaque. This may be removed with a thorough dental care or professional oral hygiene. For inflammations due to bacterial dental plaque applies: brush, brush, brush! Even it hurts a bit and will bleed.

First, clean the interdental spaces with floss, then for at least two minutes thoroughly cleaning with a (electrical) toothbrush. Above all, also the less well reachable areas of the rear teeth! Finally it is recommended to rinse with a chlorhexidine-containing mouth rinse solution (e.g. Curaprox®, Chlorhexamed®). Also small injuries – like, for instance, caused by chewing or hard bread and pizza crusts or the use of toothpicks – will result to local inflammations. Then you should treat the injured areas with care for some days and brush very carefully.

Normally the most gum inflammations recede within a few days. If this will not be the case and the gums will bleed for more than one to oneandahalf weeks, please see your dentist. Untreated gingivitis easily will lead to an inflammation of the periodontium (periodontitis) and eventually will be followed by a tooth loss.

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